Super Easy Refried Beans Recipe

The picture is simple, because I only share recipes that are simple, easy to throw together, and safe to eat. You can make this recipe on a camping trip.

Refried beans are usually made from pinto beans, but any bean will do. Black beans are easy to find and amazingly cheap. Adzuki beans are high in protein and fun to bring to parties because they’re unique.

When making your own beans, an unhealthy ingredient to avoid is the poison of expectation. YOUR beans are not supposed to look like your Mom’s beans or the beans at a busy restaurant. The joy of REAL food is you cannot mess it up, because it grew from the earth just for you. When you eat beans you are instantly winning the game of health.

On your mark, get set, GO!

  • Dump rinsed beans into a pot

  • Cover with lots of water

  • Cook on low for a long time

  • Drain excess water

That’s it! You’re done. Season and enjoy.

The term “refried” usually identifies beans cooked with Crisco, lard, oil, or something else that doesn’t grow in the ground and thus isn’t food. For us, the term “refried” indicates a consistency; the smoothy goodness that melds into whatever else you put in your tortilla.

Whether you cook your beans in a CrockPot, over the stove on low heat, or over a campfire, the key is low and slow. You can soak the beans in water ahead of time if you want them to cook faster, but I’ll bet you have better things to do than remember to soak beans. If you find beans give you gas, try cooking them with a half a potato. The potato absorbs the gas. Throw the potato away after cooking!

Store leftovers in the freezer; 2 cups equals one can. Smash the Ziplock flat for easy stacking. When you heat your homemade beans later you can chuckle to yourself remembering all the time you used to waste waiting for your unsafe fast food to arrive at a drive through window.

Interesting fact: Azuki bean futures are traded on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange. In America they are usually sold as Adzuki beans.

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